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At Red Dirt Dog Training, we take a relationship-based approach to dog training. We use balanced methods to help you and your dog live your best lives!


We take the needs of each, individual dog into consideration. You will receive training services tailored to the specific needs and goals for you and your dog. Rewards-based training methods are paired with clear communication to teach the dog new and healthy behaviors. Over time, this can help dogs gain confidence and make good decisions. A variety of training tools and methods are used throughout the training process and for behavior modification work. These tools can include slip leads, E-Collar Technologies e-collars , Herm Sprenger prong collars, short and long leashes, high-value food rewards and treats, toys, and enrichment games and puzzles. Visit our About page to learn more.

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Dog training services

From puppies to seniors, Red Dirt Dog Training works with dogs of all ages! Let us come to you. We offer in-home and in-person private dog training and behavior modification services in Corvallis, Oregon, including neighboring Philomath, Albany, and Linn & Benton Counties.

We can help you with:

  • Puppy training
  • Basic obedience skills like sit, come, down, place, name recognition and on-leash recall
  • Resolving unwanted behaviors like leash pulling and jumping
  • Loose leash walking
  • Reliable off-leash recall
  • E-collar training
  • Crate training
  • Learning how to advocate for your dog
  • Enrichment activities and proper dog socialization
  • Field trips to local dog-friendly stores and restaurants

At this time, we do not work with aggressive dogs. This includes dogs with human or dog bite histories. If you’re in need of behavior modification for an aggressive dog, we can refer you to other trainers in the Pacific Northwest.

Adventure with your dog

Red Dirt Dog Training also offers dog training services with a focus on adventure! We want to make sure you can take your dog on adventures big and small. Interested in adventuring or traveling with your dog? Do you want to take your favorite hiking buddy out on the trails in Corvallis, Oregon, throughout the Willamette Valley and beyond? We are experienced hikers, backpackers and van campers. From daily walks at the park and off-leash hiking on local trails to road tripping and longer excursions, we can help you and your dog gain the skills and confidence you need to go on adventures of all sizes. Sometimes adventures can be as simple as taking your dog to a local restaurant patio, the farmers market or your favorite brewery in Corvallis. We can help you train your dog to be well-behaved and calm in a variety of places.

Three dogs playing in the snow in Oregon


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Australian Cattle Dog puppy playing walking on a leash

Puppy training

If you’re planning to add a puppy to your family or recently welcomed a puppy into your life, we can help! Learn more about our Puppy Success training package.

Abbie Leland and her dog Dodger paddle boarding in Corvallis, Oregon

All about enrichment

Learn more about fun and easy enrichment activities you can do with your dog!

“Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased.

It is no small gift.”

– Mary oliver

About us

Red Dirt Dog Training takes a relationship-based approach to dog training. We use balanced methods to help you and your dog live your best lives!

  • Licensed & insured
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Certified

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